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met Belief Change Process

  • 29 augustus 2013
  • By Livinglife
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Submodalities Belief Change Process

  1. Think of a Limiting Belief. Elicit the Submodalities.
  2. Think of a believe that is no longer true. NB. State it in the present tense. Elicit the Submodalities.
  3. Do the Contrastive Analysis. Map across the Submodalities from the Limiting Belief (step #1) into those from the belief that is no longer true (step #2). Notice the Drivers.

TEST: Now, what do you think about that old belief (step #1)?


  1. Think of a belief, which is for you absolutely true? Elicit the Submodalities.
  2. Can you think of a belief that you want to have, which is the opposite of the belief in step #1? Elicit the Submodalities.
  3. Do the Contrastive Anaysis. Map across the Submodalities (especially the Drivers) from the desired belief (step #5) into those from the absolutely true belief (step #4).


TEST: Now, what do you believe? Why do you have the new belief?


NB. This process works best when the 4 beliefs are elicited at the start.