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  • 29 augustus 2013
  • By Livinglife
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Swish Patterns

Swish Patterns involve replacing one I/R or picture with another. Thus installing new choices for a new, more compelling behaviour rather than just change or remove old habits (the net effect though is that people’s habits will change because they will do a different behaviour instead).

How To Do A Swish Pattern

  1. Identify their unwanted behaviour or response.
  2. Find the Present State (PS)/Behaviour. Find the Trigger for the PS, and ask the client to get a picture. Associate the client into the picture of the PS. Set that picture aside for now.
  3. Create a picture of the Desired State (DS) or Behaviour. Change the visual intensity of the DS using visual Submodalities. Build up a positive K, associated and compelling for the client.
  4. Get the client dissociated. Have them step out of the picture.
  5. Bring back the (associated) PS picture from step 2. Then insert a small dark picture of the (dissociated) DS from step ¾ in the bottom left corner of the clients vision (assuming the client is Normally Organised. If they are Reverse Organised, insert into the bottom right hand corner).
  6. The Swish. Simultaneously have the DS become bigger and brighter. At the same time, have the PS rapidly shrink to nothing in the lower left hand corner. Accompany this with a “whoosh” or “swish” sound. Speed is very important.

Visual Squash

  1. Repeat at least 5 times quickly. Break state is between each Swish.
  2. Test & future pace.